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How to install Coir Logs

What are Coir Logs? Coir logs, also known as coir rolls, coconut fibre rolls or coco logs, are...

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coir product 2

Everything you need to know about coir products

Gardeners have been using coir for years, because it increases the organic mix of their potting mix and...

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How to conduct a successful Revegetation Project

The combination of either drought, natural erosion, heavy rainfall and bushfires across Australia often results in land that’s...

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dust control

Top 5 dust control strategies preferred by environmental consulting companies

Australian environmental consulting companies are often called in to help control dust on both private land and construction...

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install a silt fence

How to install a silt fence effectively

Silt fences (or sediment fences) are installed to help control sediment and rill erosion within exposed soil on...

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A Guide to Stormwater Drain Protection

At Aussie Environmental we are all about protecting our ecosystems, so it’s time to talk about drain protection....

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tree guards in use

Using revegetation products to bring life back to your land

Rehabilitation of large areas of land is a vital element in helping our environment and improving the value...

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Storm Drain Protection - What are my options?

Storm drain protection is generally installed as a temporary measure on construction and civil engineering sites and is...

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hyrdomulching services

What is the average cost of Hydromulching?

The average cost of hydromulching is very cost-effective when compared to turfing, particularly when you have extensive areas...

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