Hanging Orchid Baskets


No matter how big a garden you have, hanging baskets for orchids and other plants will add an extra dimension and create further interest. And when space is really tight, such as when you’re limited to an apartment balcony or have only a small terrace area, then orchid baskets and various pots and planters may be the only way to have a colourful display.

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Make the Most of Your Available Space with Orchid Baskets

Aussie Environmental's hanging orchid baskets give you the best opportunity to be really creative and have a colourful and impressive display wherever you live. Choose carefully and handle your plants well and you’ll have a riot of colour that you’ll be proud of.

Using Orchid Baskets in Australia

Not everyone is convinced that orchids are the best plants for growing in hanging baskets and pots. And while it’s true that some varieties of orchids aren’t perfectly suited for growing in baskets, others are the perfect types and will thrive under the right conditions.

Orchids are tropical plants and generally prefer sunlight so can easily be grown indoors, preferably with indirect sunlight. However, given Australia’s warm climate, they can be successfully grown outside, usually with the benefit of some shade to protect them from excessive sunlight in the hottest months. Under a tree or on a sheltered veranda are often the preferred spots.

Several species of orchid grow on the branches of trees in their natural environment and these varieties will usually thrive in hanging baskets for Orchids since they partly replicate their normal surroundings. Since hanging baskets tend to dry out faster than garden soil, choose a variety of orchid that likes its roots to be relatively dry rather than constantly moist. And ensure it’s a healthy specimen with good roots to give it the best chance.

Good air circulation is essential for orchids and our coconut fibre hanging baskets are perfect for this as well as retaining sufficient moisture for the plants to thrive. Plant your orchids correctly, look after them well and site your baskets with some thought to achieve a wonderful cascade of colourful flowers for long periods.

Buy Orchid Baskets Online for the Best Results

Our baskets are steel framed so they’re extremely strong and will last for many years with no deterioration given proper care. The coir blanket liners are made from sustainable and natural materials that are good for the plants as well as the environment.

Having chosen suitable orchid plants, fill the orchid basket with peat-free compost, possibly mixed with some water retention tablets. Plant the orchids carefully so they’ll cascade over or through the sides of the basket, add feed and water in well. Intersperse with some other plants if you wish to add variety and ensure you continue to feed and water the plants regularly and check them periodically to make sure they’re healthy.

With a selection of our hanging wall baskets and pots, proper plant choice and care in their planting and maintenance, you’ll be rewarded with a colourful display no matter what size of growing space you have.

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