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Your Land With Superior, Long-Lasting Erosion Protection

Need to protect an eroded, recently developed or disturbed piece of land? Want the job completed at an affordable price in the shortest possible time frame, without cutting corners or using inferior quality mulch or seeds? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Aussie Environmental is the leading provider of hydromulching and hydroseeding in South East Queensland. Our long-term solution for your revegetation and erosion control needs. This ensures your land gains the best possible protection from erosion and comply with environmental legislation and requirements.

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Get A Tailored Hydromulching Advice That Meets Your Needs And Budget

Our tailored approach to hydromulching and hydroseeding ensures you get a solution that meets your needs and budget. Whether it’s a residential or commercial lawn, erosion control, soil stabilisation, wildfire habitat repair, national park or landfill, we’ll adjust our service to meet your land and the type of ground we work on.

Once the hydromulching has been completed, you’ll also receive guidance on how to maintain the newly seeded area. This will include optimum watering as the seeds germinate, and will factor in the changing weather conditions your land is subject to. All this ensures you get the best possible results, regardless of the size or shape of your land.

Are You Looking For Hydromulching In Brisbane?

Rebuilding an eroded, recently developed or disturbed piece of land can be a costly and time-consuming task. There are assessments to be made regarding how the soil is best reseeded and how it should be maintained in the future. If the work is done without careful planning and understanding the soil and vegetation can be very quickly undermined once more, meaning the landowner must restart the process. If you are looking for an economic, permanent solution to quick revegetation you should consider hydromulching in QLD.

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Based in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast, Aussie Environmental offers hydromulching in Brisbane. For over a decade now we’ve offered great erosion control in QLD and solutions to gardeners, contractors, and government departments all across Australia. We’re proud to offer exceptional customer service and efficient, affordable work when it comes to environmental regeneration.

What are the Benefits Of Hydromulching & Hydroseeding?

If you’re considering hydromulching in Queensland, then it’s important to understand why we use this process and how it benefits you and the environment. Aussie Environmental is the premium supplier of hydroseeding and hydromulching in Brisbane and these are just some of the benefits you’ll encounter when using our hydromulching services:

  • Cost: The cost saving on hydroseeding and hydromulching for large areas of land is substantial when you compare it to the price of material, installation and labour costs that come with traditional lawn laying and vegetation planting processes. For large areas, hydroseeding and hydromulching can cost around 50-70% less than laying turf. The process itself is incredibly quick too and large portions of land can be done in less than two hours depending on the landscape.
  • Vegetation quality: At Aussie Environmental, we only use superior quality seeds in our hydromulching mix, and we can guarantee that with the right care, it will look healthier and last longer than hand seeding vegetation or sodding. The roots of seedlings develop deeper in the ground and don’t have to go through the shock of transferring from one soil to the other. Seeds are protected by mulch and more resistant to weather and hold their moisture longer; they also tend to have a faster germination period. Weeds are often a problem when hand seeding but won’t be encountered during hydromulching and you can choose between our vegetation customisation packages to ensure you get the grass or plants that you desire.
  • Better coverage: Vegetation that has been hydromulched is often more consistent than those done by hand. There are also no unsightly seams that you usually get when sodding. Your area will be evenly covered and even the most remote, difficult to reach areas, such as slopes, will be carpeted in beautiful vegetation. This even spread and strong survival rate makes hydroseeding ideal for erosion control on roadsides and for sports fields or golf courses.
  • Water-wise: Hydromulch vegetation can hold up to ten times its own weight in water. The fibre mulch and tackifiers help the seeds to tap their roots deep into the earth and retain their moisture. This also means that it’s more drought-tolerant than usual lawns or grasses and it also takes a lot less water to thrive.
  • Versatility: There really is no end to the areas where hydromulching can be used, from residential and commercial lawns to erosion control, soil stabilisation, wildfire habitat repair, national parks, landfills and everything else in between. We can customise the seeds you want in your hydromulch mix whether that’s a lawn or native grass species.
  • Speed: Don’t expect to have the instant lawn effect that you get from sodding, as it takes some time for the vegetation to germinate. However, the process itself is incredibly quick and doesn’t require additional labour. Most hydroseeded vegetation will be fully grown in about three to four weeks.

Get In Touch With Our Hydromulching Team QLD Today!

If you want to get a better understanding of how our hydromulching service works just take a look at our gallery. There you’ll see some pictures of some of our recent projects and how they have worked. You can also take a look at our news section which offers some advice and insights into hydromulching and how to get the best out of it.

When you are ready to purshase your service for hydroseeding in Brisbane, just send us a message or give us a call with a few details of your property and requirements. We’ll start putting a competitive quote together for you straight away and any suggestions we think you’ll benefit from. We’re always ready to take your call, so why not give us a call now?! We’ll be also happy to provide you all the information you need about our soil erosion protection products and services.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Project Will Be Completed To The Highest Possible Standards

Hydromulching requires meticulous planning and expert knowledge to ensure the job is done right. If you use inexperienced operators or inferior quality seeds or mulch, the results can be disastrous. You may have to start again from scratch, costing you thousands of dollars and weeks of your time.

At Aussie Environmental, our experienced team works both efficiently and diligently to ensure every project is a success. We use the highest quality wood blends and seeds (whether that’s a lawn or native grass species), and we never resort to inferior substitutes like paper or sugar cane. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your project will be completed right, the first time.

  • Australian Owned and Operated
  • 15+ Years Of Experience
  • Tailored Solutions
  • High-Quality Wood Blends
  • In-house Certified Practitioner

Here’s How It Works…


Schedule Your Fixed-Price Quote

Need hydromulching or hydroseeding tailored to your land? Get in touch now to discuss your needs and we’ll send you a fast, fixed-price quote.


We’ll Apply The Hydromulch Mix

Using either a handheld hose or tower gun, we’ll apply the high-quality hydromulch mix to ensure the area is covered evenly.


Ongoing Maintenance And Watering

Once the hydromulching is completed, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance on how to water and maintain the area to maximise results and achieve a strong, even grass coverage.

The Aussie Environmental Rock Solid Double Guarantee

At Aussie Environmental, we want to give you the best possible experience, from start to finish. That’s why we back our hydromulching services with our rock solid double guarantee. Here’s how it works:


Upfront, Fixed Quote Guaranteed!

Our highly experienced, certified crew has served South East and Central Queensland for over 15 years. This extensive expertise means we can provide you with a fast, accurate quote that doesn’t miss a single detail. In fact, we guarantee no hidden costs or nasty surprises – so the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay.


100% Coverage, Guaranteed!

We pride ourselves on completing every job to the highest possible standards. In the highly unlikely event we miss a spot on your land, we’ll come back and fix it at no extra cost.


Get A Fast, Fixed-Price Quote And Tailored Advice From Central And South East Queensland’s Silt Fence Installation Experts

Still Have Questions? Here’s What We Get Asked The Most…

What is the minimum square meterage required for Aussie Environmental to service a local Sunshine Coast job?

500m2 is the minimum size for a job in the local Sunshine Coast region. Please contact us on 07 5315 5431 or email info@aussieenvironmental.com.au if you live outside this area so we can determine if we are able to service your requirements.

What is the price per m2 for Hydromulching?

Cost of hydromulching is dependent on many factors including type of seed, mulch application, area to be sprayed, access, location etc. Please contact us on 07 5315 5431 or email info@aussieenvironmental.com.au if you live outside this area so we can determine if we are able to service your requirements.

Can the Hydromulch Truck access the rear of my property?

Our Hydromulch Truck is equipped with long hoses to reach inaccessible areas in which the truck cannot get to and use the cannon spray.

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