Jute Matting


If you have an erosion control or replanting project in mind, jute matting is the ideal material for the job. It’s also eminently suitable for a host of gardening jobs so is perfect for anyone from a major contractor to a domestic gardener.

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Using Jute Matting in Australia — Perfect for Multiple Purposes

We sell jute matting online with a variety of lengths, thicknesses and characteristics so you can choose the most appropriate type. Whatever you select, you’ll find that a jute mat is easy to lay, is extremely effective and will last for as long as you need it to complete the job.

Why the Jute Matting We Have for Sale is Exactly what You Need

Aussie Environmental's products like jute matting and jute mesh is the ideal material for many gardening, conservation and landscaping jobs for many reasons:

It’s made from natural jute fibres and contains no plastics or other materials that will harm the environment. It will, after a number of years when it’s served its purpose, biodegrade naturally and add organic matter to the soil to improve its texture.

Jute mats are supplied in rolls that are easy to lift and handle without the need for expensive machinery. They can be easily installed by rolling them out, cutting to the required length and pinning them in place so the whole process is much quicker than using many other methods.

Our matting acts as a protective mulch that is much easier to install than conventional mulches that are spread loose. It suppresses weeds while other plants become established, limits harmful heat absorption and reduces moisture loss in dry areas yet allows water to pass through to prevent saturation.

Soil erosion is prevented since the matting conforms to the contours of the terrain and stabilises the soil, particularly where water run-off can wash the soil away.

Easy to Install Jute Mats and Effective in Use

Because it’s supplied in rolls and is a lightweight material, our matting can be installed easily with few tools and no training necessary. First prepare the ground by removing rocks, tree roots and other obstacles that will prevent the mat from coming into contact with the soil. Dig a shallow trench at the top of the slope or one end to secure the mat in place and then roll the mat down the slope or across the area to be treated.

The mat will naturally follow the contours of the terrain so it’s always in contact with the soil. Cut the mat to length if too long and pin it into place. Add other mats, overlapping and pinning so they’re securely held, especially in areas where conditions can be harsh. You can then cut slits in the mat for planting, which will become established quickly since it’s not competing with weeds and has the protection of the matting.

All our jute mats, coir blanket rolls and geofabrics are the ideal solution for many erosion control, conservation, landscaping and gardening challenges. They’re strong, easy to use, effective and will help the environment rather than harm it. In addition to the matting, we can supply stakes, retaining pins, twine and a host of other items that will ensure the success of your project in an environmentally friendly manner.

You’re Covered By Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Worried about ordering online? Afraid of getting the wrong product? Our certified erosion and sediment control experts work tirelessly to ensure you get the right product for your needs, the first time around. But just in case, we also protect you with our 14-day money-back guarantee!

If you don’t like your product, simply send it back to us in an unused and resalable condition in 14 days. We’ll refund you every cent you paid, no questions asked!