Timber Stakes


Whilst timber stakes may not appear to be the most exciting of materials, they have a vital role to play in many gardening, construction, conservation and civil engineering projects. They have a great variety of uses and often contribute fully to successful completion.

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Rely on our Wooden Stakes to do any Job

In recognition of their many uses, Aussie Environmental supplies a range of posts in different lengths, thicknesses and pack quantities. All are, however, of high quality and you can rely on them to do the job you want.

Buying Timber Stakes Online for any Purpose

Our hardwood timber stakes are used in domestic gardening, conservation work and for many construction and other projects. Typical uses include:

  • Providing support for young trees until they become established. This can be a single garden peg for relatively small trees or two stakes on opposite sides to support something larger or where high winds can be a problem. With the stakes driven firmly into the ground, the trunk of the tree is attached to them by straps or a form of tie.
  • Supporting other plants, such as beans and hollyhocks, that can grow very tall and may fall over without some support. The stakes will help them stay looking tidy as well as keep them healthy.
  • Holding a tree guard in place as well as supporting the tree itself. These guards will protect young trees against attacks by animals and are necessary until the tree is well-established.
  • As silt fence posts that may be connected by wire mesh to keep domestic animals enclosed or to prevent wild animals from damaging crops.
  • To mount signs or other sources of information.
  • As markers for pathways or other areas. These may be particularly useful during a construction project to delineate different sections, to improve site safety or to create reference points for building work. They also apply in gardens to indicate different crops and areas.

Buy the Best Hardwood Stakes Online

We only supply hardwood stakes because we know they are resistant to attacks by insects, to water penetration and to rotting. They are therefore highly durable and will last in the ground for very long periods, even when subject to harsh conditions. They’re also obtained from sustainable sources.

All stakes are pointed at one end so they can be driven into the ground easily and we have a wide range available. For sandy soils or in exposed areas with high winds, choose longer and thicker stakes to achieve the level of support you need. Always err on the side of caution because the extra cost of bigger stakes is far outweighed by the cost of replacing damaged trees or rebuilding fallen fences. If you have any doubts, ask our advice and we’ll gladly give it.

We can also supply coir peat, coir blankets, coir rolls and all the accessories you’ll need. So whether you’re a domestic gardener planting a few trees or are in charge of a large construction or conservation project, timber stakes are invaluable to get the job done. So make sure you get the best ones by selecting from our range.

You’re Covered By Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Worried about ordering online? Afraid of getting the wrong product? Our certified erosion and sediment control experts work tirelessly to ensure you get the right product for your needs, the first time around. But just in case, we also protect you with our 14-day money-back guarantee!

If you don’t like your product, simply send it back to us in an unused and resalable condition in 14 days. We’ll refund you every cent you paid, no questions asked!