Coco Chips


Coco chips are increasingly popular in gardening and agriculture as a growing medium. That’s because they’re easy and clean to use, help to regulate the aeration that plants need and retain moisture.

The correct use of this material can help to make plant growing much more consistently successful. It reduces the likelihood of plants dehydrating and ensures a correct balance for their growth.

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Gaining Benefit from Coco Chips for Sale

Previously, after coconuts were harvested and their contents extracted, the husks were discarded as waste. Now, since the attributes of the husk have become better appreciated, coconut husk for plants has become a valuable by-product for use in agriculture and gardening.

The chips are made by firstly soaking the husks, often in sea water, so they are softened and can be separated. Any salt is flushed out and the husks are then dried thoroughly before slicing them and chipping them into small pieces. They are then packed for easy transportation and distribution.

The Increasing Use of Coco Chips in Australia

You can buy coco chips online in convenient bags. If you soak them in clean water overnight, they’ll absorb up to ten times their weight in water and the expanding coco chips are then available for use. You can either mix them with a growing medium to aerate it and help retain moisture or spread the chips on the soil around plants as a coco chip mulch.

The chips themselves contain no nutrients but are popular for use in hydroponic (or soil-less) gardening where they are an alternative to gravel or some similar medium. Simply add water and nutrients regularly to get the best results. The chips are a popular growing medium for those who grow orchids, anthuriums and other plants that thrive in bark, clay and similar. You can also get hanging orchid baskets to finish the look all from Aussie Environmental.

Coco Chips Are An Ideal Growing Medium

The popularity of coco chips is due to several attributes:

  • The medium is completely natural, biodegradable and obtained from sustainable sources.
  • It has the look and feel of soil, being brown in colour, so is a familiar material to work with.
  • It’s excellent for re-potting, providing excellent drainage, aeration and water retention so that root growth is encouraged, the plants don’t dry out and they’re not stressed by the change of environment.
  • Insects and other pests generally don’t like to settle on the chips and so are discouraged from harming plants.
  • Ideal pH levels for growing are normally present.
  • The chips are easy and clean to handle and use.

Producing chips from coconut husk is a long process because the husk needs to be properly prepared, including an initial soaking and drying process that takes over a year. You want to be sure, therefore, that this is done properly to create the best growing medium.

All our chips, coir logs and other products are sourced from responsible suppliers that have proper controls, so the chips are thoroughly washed, sanitised and processed to create a growing medium that’s safe and ready to use. We can also supply coir peat or coir blankets and all the accessories you’ll need. You can buy them with the complete assurance that your plants will be healthy and will thrive.

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