Coconut Husk for Plants


For something that was previously discarded as having no value, coconut husk has undergone a remarkable transformation. It’s now regarded as one of the best types of growing medium and also has a number of other uses.

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Multiple Uses for Coco Husk

Coco husk has a wide variety of uses. It can be used to manufacture ropes and mats for flooring and is also used as animal bedding and in zoos for reptiles, spiders and various other creatures. The most common use is as coco husk for gardening where there are many applications:

  • For indoor, commercial growing where it’s used as a growing medium for mushrooms or to deter snails in greenhouses.
  • For hydroponic gardening where it’s an alternative to gravel, rock wool or clay.
  • As a more environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss since it’s a completely sustainable product. A typical coconut tree is capable of producing more than 150 coconuts annually with no need for pesticides or other chemicals, so there’s a ready supply of coconut husk for plants.
  • As a growing medium, often being mixed with another for maximum benefit.
  • As a ground cover mulch that will retain moisture in the soil as well as suppress weed growth.

Why Coconut Husk is good for your Plants

The popularity of coconut husk for plants in domestic and commercial growing is due to not only its many uses but also to the benefits that its attributes bring. These include:

Natural pH balance. Many plants are sensitive to changes in pH level and can be killed if acidity is too high. Coco husk is virtually neutral in terms of pH, with a level between 5.2 and 6.8, so is ideal for the majority of plants.

Good aeration. Certain planting materials can suffocate plants because they become too compressed. Coco husk is, however, light and airy so that oxygen can flow freely around roots and the plants will thrive, becoming larger much faster.

Water retention. The natural fibres retain water for a long time without becoming saturated. This reduces the need for frequent watering but also ensures plants don’t dry out.

Long lasting. When used as a growing medium such as material for coco chips, coco husk can be re-used up to three times with no noticeable deterioration in plant yield. This makes it a very cost-effective product.

Beneficial bacteria. The material promotes the growth of lignin and increases the number of beneficial bacteria. These fight harmful bacteria around a plant’s roots and so prevent harm.

Nutrients. Coconut husk contains traces of copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium and iron. These are released slowly over a very long period and are beneficial for plants.

Obtain Coconut Husk Online for Maximum Plant Growth

Whatever you grow and whatever type of gardening you practice, coconut husk coir logs can be an extremely important material to use. It can produce bigger and healthier plants, reduce the amount of care and watering needed, and ensure success in the long term.

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