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View our range of Ag Pipe for all your drainage requirements. AE Corrugated Ag Pipe is a flexible pipe system that performs well in shallow and deep trenches. Ag-pipe is a proven solution for long-term drainage needs.

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Need an AG Pipe for Your Property?

When dealing with irrigation and stormwater on your property, it is a good idea to work with the tools and resources that give you the best control over groundwater like using a heavy duty drain filter. Drainage is a common issue for both commercial and residential properties of all kinds, and it is vital that those responsible for ground maintenance take it seriously and take necessary measures to drain or syphon waterflow.

This is where our high-quality slotted & socked AG Pipes can help. Aussie Environmental is proud to have offered great solutions to environmental issues like groundwater and property maintenance since 2010. Based in Yandina, Queensland, we are passionate about helping builders, residents, gardeners and governmental bodies find effective methods to keep their land in top condition and we’re sure that our products will be just the thing to give you greater control of groundwater.

How Our AG Pipe Drainage Can Help

Our slotted and socked AG Pipes offer a flexible pipe system which catches and diverts groundwater on your property. The slotted corrugated pipe with the sock, is a fine sock made of a fine jute mesh that surrounds the pipe that is designed to prevent soil from entering through the slots in the pipe.

Drainage is an important thing to get right, as groundwater can cause untold amounts of damage to retaining walls, lawns, crops or flower beds and weaken structures and foundations. The pipes work by capturing groundwater from your backfilled trench and can drain it elsewhere, whether it is into areas that might need it or to a watercourse where it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

A lot of businesses and industries use AG pipes to manage groundwater. For those who live or work in areas that are prone to flooding, they can be especially important as a defence against excessive water, but they can also be used to manage gardens and lawns that might suffer from overabundant groundwater, too. Pipes used for these purposes should be specially designed for durability but also flexible enough to cope with the changes in the ground structure.

Our pipes are both. They will work in both shallow and deep trenches and can cope with constant use without any difficulty. Made with lightweight and flexible materials, they won’t cause issues with the installation but will hold their own against hard weather and torrential rain.

We’ve provided bulk quantities of AG pipes in Australia to a wide range of property management and ground maintenance initiatives. These have included those who need:

  • Road drainage
  • Diversion from retaining walls
  • Well distribution
  • Sports or recreational grounds
  • Residential gardens

You don’t need to be a well-trained professional to install these pipes, either. They are:

  • Flexible enough to bend around difficult corners
  • Can cope with different kinds of soil and earth
  • Lightweight and simply designed
  • Few fittings and fixtures to work with.

If you are looking to buy an AG pipe, you’ll find none better than ours. It is a safe solution for sustainable drainage which will save you money in the long term.

We specialise in erosion control products in Australia, ranging from sandbags for erosion control, geofabric, jute matting and more.

Order Your Ag Pipe Today!

Due to the demand for this product, we always hold plenty of stock for erosion and sediment control, so if you order right now, we can send it out either today or tomorrow so it will be with you in next to no time at all. We send our pipes all over Australia, regardless of where you are. If you want to find out how much it will cost, simply use our straightforward shipping calculator on our checkout page and we’ll let you know how much it will be.

Of course, we aware of how different projects require different solutions, so if you need guidance or a free quote on bulk prices – give us a call or chat with us on our online messaging service!

You’re Covered By Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Worried about ordering online? Afraid of getting the wrong product? Our certified erosion and sediment control experts work tirelessly to ensure you get the right product for your needs, the first time around. But just in case, we also protect you with our 14-day money-back guarantee!

If you don’t like your product, simply send it back to us in an unused and resalable condition in 14 days. We’ll refund you every cent you paid, no questions asked!