Flood Control Barriers

Aussie Environmental can provide ranging options to help mitigate the prospect of localised flooding through the use of diversion and barriers. Through the supply of UV-protected Poly Woven Sandbags or our range of PVC Flood Tubes, we can assist in flood diversion. Flood Tubes are easily relocatable and can be packed and stored neatly when not required. Read More

Why a Flood Barrier is Essential to Prevent Water Damage

Even if the damage is fully covered by insurance, this can’t compensate for the trauma and upset that are caused. Personal possessions and mementos are often irreplaceable, and it may take a lot of effort and a long time before your home is fully habitable again. Consequently, if you live in an area that’s prone to flooding, it’s essential you take precautions, and an effective water barrier may be exactly what you need.

Effective and Simple Flood Protection

Climate change is causing the weather to be more inconsistent, unpredictable and a greater threat to even more people. Increasingly frequent and more violent storms mean that the dangers from flooding are getting worse. As a result, the need for our flood protection barriers is greater than ever.

Our home, business and garage flood barrier is:

Easy and quick to fill with water and deploy with no need for training or specific knowledge

Extremely effective since it follows the contours of the land and forms a barrier that water will not penetrate

Even our sandbags for flood control are effective when you stack them. We have them in Poly Woven and Hessian Material.

Effective whether placed onto dry ground or into water that is already causing a threat

Easy to store when not in use since each unit can be drained of water and then folded neatly, unlike the sandbag alternative that is cumbersome and poses problems for disposal

made of sustainable materials that can be re-used for repeated flood threats and then recycled when no longer needed.

Flood Barriers Are Extremely Easy to Use

Our flood control barriers come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the best ones to fill the appropriate gaps. They can be stacked depending on the height required and overlapped to cover varying areas. They are lightweight and flexible so can be installed in a variety of configurations.

The flood barriers we provide including our sandbags are mainly used to protect from flood water, but their flexibility and versatility mean they can also be used to divert water flows and to build temporary dams. They’re therefore equally effective for conservation projects as well as for flood protection. Just like our spill containment products, The high standards of manufacturing, quality fabric and pressure testing of each unit mean the barriers can be used in very harsh conditions and won’t split, burst or otherwise fail to do their job.

With Aussie Environmental's simple and fast deployment, effectiveness, reliability and quick removal without any residual mess when no longer required, they’re the best type of barrier you can buy. So be prepared for every eventuality and you’ll no longer need to be worried about ever being flooded again.

You’re Covered By Our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Worried about ordering online? Afraid of getting the wrong product? Our certified erosion and sediment control experts work tirelessly to ensure you get the right product for your needs, the first time around. But just in case, we also protect you with our 14-day money-back guarantee!

If you don’t like your product, simply send it back to us in an unused and resalable condition in 14 days. We’ll refund you every cent you paid, no questions asked!