A Guide to Stormwater Drain Protection


At Aussie Environmental we are all about protecting our ecosystems, so it’s time to talk about drain protection. That’s because once chemicals and soil runoff enter our drainage systems, it’s a one-way ticket to our waterways, creating a host of problems to our wildlife. Mitigating the consequences of chemical & sediment run-off is very costly and time consuming. So it’s much better to prevent these spills occurring in the first place. At Aussie Environmental, we have the right products to help you contain these spills.

Seven drain protection strategies


Since prevention is better than cure, Aussie Environmental have seven different options to help you prevent the pollution of our drainage systems.

1. Dewatering bags: These bags are designed to filter and pump sediment laden or polluted water. They are ideal for work sites with a lot of runoff, as well as water treatment plants that need to filter water leaving their site or plant. Also known as Geo bags, our dewatering bags have an 80 micron pore size, and are available in 75L/sec, 375L/sec and 2400L/sec flow rates. They are also available in 4 different sizes.

2. Drain covers: These rectangular weighted drain protection covers are designed to do just that - cover the drain to prevent entry of chemical spills and stormwater contamination. They are ideal as a short term solution, because the gel filled perimeters are designed to mould to the surface of the road base forming a good seal.

3. Drain filters: Designed to fit 1300mm x 1300mm x 600mm storm drains, these filters sit underneath the drain grill, capturing debris, sediments, sand particles, vegetation and other contaminants. Since the drain grill holds the filter in place they are easy to install and remove. Whilst these drain filters are designed to be used once, we also have heavy duty options that can be used repeatedly.

4. Gutter guards: Designed to fit most stormwater drains along the road, these gutter guards protect drainage systems up to 4.8 metres in length. They are easy and fast to install and made from recycled plastic and rubber. They prevent runoff entering the system underneath the kerb by forcing it through the existing drainage grill. Ideal for preventing large items from entering the stormwater system.

5. Pipe filter socks: Ideal for filtering large debris from water runoff on construction sites, these pipe filter socks attach to existing drainage pipes. Runoff passes through these socks where debris and rubbish is collected and the clear runoff is allowed to flow freely into the stormwater system.

6. Sandbags: These are one of the simplest options, but still viable solutions for drain protection. Our sandbags are available in poly woven high vis or time honoured hessian material. Both are only temporary measures, but do a good job of diverting water away from uncovered stormwater drains towards holding ponds or drains that are suitably protected.

7. Silt socks: Designed to be filled with gravel, silt socks filter the runoff before it enters the stormwater system. The debris and rubbish is caught behind the socks, removed by hand and left in place for the next rain event. For help deciding which drain protection options are best for your situation, call us on 07 5315 5431 or send us an email.