What is the average cost of Hydromulching?

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The average cost of hydromulching is very cost-effective when compared to turfing, particularly when you have extensive areas of land that are subject to erosion. The cost savings are accrued because laying turf is very labour intensive, whilst hydromulching simply involves spraying a slurry of seed and mulch onto the required areas.

Hydromulching costs can be quite variable however, depending on the type of seed used,as well as other soil amendments added to improve the soil quality. High quality hydromulching mixes will obviously be more expensive than lower quality options, often because of all the additional seed & fertilizer in the mix.

Factors that influence the average cost of hydromulching

The size of the area, the type of the seed and the end outcome you are wanting to achieve are all factors in the costs of hydromulching. Another factor is the slope of the land, because a general rule of thumb is to double the amount of slurry on sloped areas, due to runoff and increased drainage.

Anything below a 10 degree slope isn’t generally a problem, but if it’s a 20 or 25 degree slope, then the slurry needs to be increased. Also, if the soil is in poor condition, the amount of fertiliser and other soil amendments may need to be increased, again increasing the average cost of hydromulching. Just as an example, land that is in poor condition and steeply sloped can cost more than three times the equivalent land that’s in good condition and flat. With all these factors considered, hydromulching is still far more economical than laying turf, and can reach rough terrain or otherwise inaccessible areas. This is where the expertise of professionals comes in handy, because they can accurately calculate the amount of hydromulching needed across your land, taking into account all the variables, and giving you the best advice.

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