4 Reasons Why Correctly Installed Silt Fences are Important

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In Australia, compliant silt fence, sediment and erosion control products are important for all parts of construction, landscaping and excavation projects. Correctly installed Silt Fences, also known as Sediment Fences, are critical in preventing onsite and offsite erosion, protecting our environment & local waterways, pertaining to council regulations, and maintaining building integrity amongst the community.

1. Prevent Stormwater Pollution"

Soil erosion from building, development, excavation and construction sites is a major source of stormwater pollution. When it enters our waterways, sediment (such as soil, sand, silt, mud) and litter washed from urban areas can cause major short & long-term environmental problems. A single building site can lose up to four truckloads of soil in one rain storm. Sediment washed from building sites into gutters and stormwater drains can clog up streams full of silt, cause flooding and affect water quality and fish stocks in our creeks, rivers and coastal waters. Stormwater flowing untreated into our waterways that provide vital habitats for animals and plants. Correct installation of quality silt fence, helps prevent silt, soil and other debris from construction sites running into our local streams & waterways in a rain event, protecting our local environment from such pollution.

2. Abide to Council Regulations, Avoid Costly Fines"

Because of the effect stormwater pollution has on our environment, local councils & government bodies strictly regulate construction & building sites to ensure they meet environment regulations to help protect our local waterways. Failing to install compliant erosion control measures can be a costly exercise and result in on the spot fines and sanctions from government bodies & local councils. Fines can exceed up to $10,000 - especially for repeat offenses.

3. Prevent On-Site Erosion"

By correctly putting preventative erosion control measures in place before a rainfall event, this can protect a worksite project from costly erosion damage. Major erosion damage can easily occur when there is a severe storm, torrential rain, flash flooding or just a quick downfall of rain; all such weather events that happen regularly in parts of Australia, especially in South East Queensland.

4. Integrity of your Site Works"

As part of the construction industry it is vital to abide by laws and regulations for obvious legal reasons, but ethically it is just as important to do so, in order to keep an upstanding reputation amongst the community. Work sites are typically exposed to the general public, and a site seen to be polluting the local environment can have drastic negative consequences to a business' reputation; and terrible repercussions to the overall business. All it takes is one bad photo shared on social media or a quick complaint to the council to expose a company and create major backlash. On the flip-side, a company shown to be proactive in environmental and erosion control measures helps promote a strong public image, with an overall care for the local environment and community.

Quality – Not All Fences Are Equal"

Quality of the silt fence material is important, as is correct installation. Unfortunately, not all silt fencing materials are the same quality, with some cheaply made silt fence material not UV stabilised, causing it to deteriorate quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. Also, if the fibre fabric material is too thin, it does not have the strength to stop the flow of contaminated water, and again fall apart quickly. When having sediment control measures such as silt fence installed – it needs to last the time required. Aussie Environmental’s silt fencing rolls are of the highest quality, UV stabilised woven material with heavy duty 100gsm thickness for added strength, to ensure it lasts the test of time.

Silt Fence Supply & Installtion

Aussie Environmental are leaders in quality Silt Fence Installation with over 10 years of experience servicing South East Queensland using a high-tech trenchless system when installing their silt fences where no trenching or back filling is required.

Aussie Environmental also supplies Silt Fence rolls Australia wide.

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