Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control (CPESC)

CPESC main product

Aussie Environmental can now provide Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control plan and services (CPESC). A CPESC specialises in the science of surface erosion and sediment control and subsequently the adverse effects of environmental pollutants, whether natural or manmade, as it relates to soil, water, and air. CPESC provide plans, audits and advice that comprehensively address current and potential erosion and sedimentation issues with practices and measures that are cost effective, understandable and meet environmental and regulatory requirements. CPESC registrants meet educational and practical experience standards, subscribe to a code of ethics, and maintain expertise through a continuing professional development program. CPESC is recognised internationally and by all levels of Australian governments as suitability/appropriately qualified professionals in erosion and sediment control. CPESC certification is required under a number of State and Local Authorities’ planning approvals and for independent reviews.



The following list represents knowledge and practices that a CPESC has;

Rules and Regulations – National, state, local and other relevant rules and regulations pertinent to erosion and sediment control and protecting land and water. Communicate and/or provide information about best practice practices and methods used to comply with specific rules and regulations.

Site Assessment – Ability to observe existing site conditions (e.g. soil type, slope lengths and steepness, vegetation cover, environmental receptors, etc) and assess limitations and site resource opportunities. The ability to predict and quantify potential soil loss. Identify mitigation measures to reduce the adverse effects of erosion and sediment discharge.


Site in need of an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

Site Planning and Management that includes the development of Construction Stormwater Management Plans and/or Erosion and Sediment Control plans (ESCP). Develop cost estimates and risk/benefit analysis. Select the appropriate practices to properly intercept run-on, convey all runoff through and discharge from the site in a manner that reduces or eliminates the adverse effects of erosion and sediment control.

Rehabilitation – Understanding of appropriate soil stabilisation management practices for both temporary and permanent surfaces including drainage lines. Soil stabilisation along with runoff management should keep soil and surface material in place to limit mobilisation and offsite discharge. An ability to understand and interpret the suitability and limitations of site location, topography, soils and substrates and recommend re-vegetation (both species and method) and soil amelioration that will produce a sustainable and effective vegetation cover.



Observation, Effectiveness Evaluation, Education and Administration – Observe and assess performance of the management practices for the given site and weather conditions. Possess the necessary experience to research technologies and recognise, educate on and develop products and applications. Ability to manage and oversee the development of erosion control policies and procedures.

The CPESC accreditation paired with our many years of installation and product experience allows us to provide practical advice that meets regulated Best Practice.


We can provide:

  • General site advice and solutions
  • CPESC review and certification
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Auditing and compliance assessments
  • Incident management
  • Erosion and Sediment Control installation and revegetation advice.

Aussie Environmental are proud to extend our services & practices, we look forward to helping our future clients whether it be private land owners and small scale developments through to large civil projects.

If you have any questions or would like to chat to us about a current project, contact us today!

To learn more about CPESC click this link: www.envirocertintl.org/cpesc