Coir Logs

Aussie Environmental Coir Fibre Logs ( also called: geo logs, silt berm, coir rolls, coconut fibre rolls or coco logs) are made from natural coconut fibre bound by coir fibre netting all 100% biodegradable.
Aussie Environmental Pre-drilled Coir Logs are lightweight and easy to install – ideal for constructing check structures, sediment control, managing changes in stream flow velocity, shaping channels and stabilising banks & shorelines.
Also an environmentally friendly solution for bush regeneration projects, Pre-drilled Coir Logs help hold moisture for tree and plant growth, whilst providing a structure for vegetation to establish and take hold for long term stabilisation.

Aussie Environmental Coir Logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales. Hay bales not only break down quickly and are harder to manage, they are often contaminated with weed seed.
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Solve Erosion Issues with Coir Logs in Queensland

If you have an area of land that’s suffering from soil erosion, a riverbank that’s being washed away, a slope experiencing soil slippage or a site that needs the re-introduction of vegetation, coir logs are often the best solution. They can be installed on slopes, along the edges of waterways and anywhere that reinforcement, stabilisation or restoration is needed.

Features and Benefits of Coir Logs for Sale

Coir logs are the most environmentally friendly method of controlling erosion, stabilising soil, and channelling water, far better than using plastic sheeting and other materials that don’t biodegrade and may leak chemicals into the soil. They’re made from 100% natural fibres that are encased in a coir twine mesh to form coir bales in the shape of a tree log.

The logs are available in a variety of lengths and diameters so you can choose which length and thickness is the most suitable for your site. The larger and thicker coir logs are designed and more suited for areas that are exposed to high water flows, harsh conditions or where the terrain is particularly tough.

All logs are completely biodegradable and will typically last for periods of between two and five years. This means they don’t need to be removed when their job is done but will naturally break down into the soil and will provide nutrients that will help to sustain plant growth and promote the health of the ecosystem. They’re strong enough to withstand high water flows and heavy rain and will leave stable and re-vegetated areas as they break down.

Logs are simple to install and secure in place. You firstly need to remove any debris, such as tree roots and rocks, to ensure good contact with the soil. Then dig a trench to about two thirds the depth of the log and place the log in it. Lastly, secure the log in place with stakes and fill in behind the log with soil. If re-vegetation is part of the aim, plant suitable species or spread seeds and ensure there’s sufficient irrigation until the plants are fully established.

Buying Coir Logs Online plus everything else you need

Aussie Environmental coconut logs are available in different sizes, so you can buy exactly the lengths and diameters you need. When installing several logs along a line, ensure there is no space between each one and secure the adjoining ends tightly with coir twine. Where extra erosion protection is necessary, you can also place one log behind another, each one secured in its own trench.

All our logs provide immense strength and durability, are helpful rather than harmful to the environment and are exceedingly flexible in use. We can also supply coir peat, coir blankets, coir rolls and all the accessories you’ll need, particularly biodegradable timber stakes, so you can complete your project without the need for any other materials. Additionally, our knowledge and experience in environmental matters mean we can provide all the support you need so your project is a success.
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    • Pre-drilled holes for quicker and easier peg installation
    • Save on installation time and costs
    • Uses less pegs on installation
    • Higher density fibers for increased performance and life span 

Aussie Environmental Pre-Drilled Coir Logs are available in a range of the following sizes:

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