Along with all our products, Aussie Environmental can provide a range of erosion control services and advice on all types of temporary and permanent erosion control solutions, including installation, environmental compliance, environmental consultation, plant identification, hydromulching, hydroseeding and revegetation.

Aussie Environmental have earned a reputation for their high service quality and expert advice on all erosion and sediment control requirements for projects in civil construction, property development, council and private properties.

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Silt Fence Installation Sunshine Coast

Aussie Environmental uses a high-tech trenchless system when installing their silt fences. We are leaders in quality Silt Fence Installation with over 10 years of experience.

Erosion Control Blanket Installation Services

We can supply and install the following types of Erosion Control Blankets and Meshes: Coir Blankets, Coir Mesh, Jute Mesh, Jute Mat and Geofabric / Bidim

Hydroseeding Hydromulching Services

Hydromulching or spray grass is a hydraulically sprayed growth medium for a cost effective grass growing technique for erosion control.

Coir Log Installation

Coir Logs are an ideal form of erosion control, managing water flow velocities, sediment capture and stabilising banks & shorelines. Coir Logs are an environmentally friendly alternative to hay bales.

Silt Curtain Marine Boom Installation

Silt Curtains are floating marine barriers that prevent silt from spreading throughout waterways.

Environmental Consulting

Aussie Environmental provides expert advice on the types of temporary and permanent erosion control solutions, including installation, environmental compliance and re-vegetation.

Dust Suppression, Soil Stabilisation Services

Aussie Environmental provide dust management and ground stabilisation using a cost effective spray which creates a durable veneer coating over ground cover saving you money and water.

Revegetation Services Contractors

Aussie Environmental provide a variety of revegetation services including tube stock planting, bush regeneration, landscape maintenance & assessment.

Looking for specialist environmental solutions?

Aussie Environmental can provide a variety of custom developed environmental solutions to suit your needs.

Aussie Environmental service the greater South East Queensland area. Covering a wide range of service jobs from civil construction to the private land owner.

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