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Vertical Wall Planter – 9 Pocket – 60cm x 75cm

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Transform any wall space into a garden with the Vertical Wall Planter. Vertical planter kit features 9 pockets to grow various types of plants into a luscious green wall. Grow various types of ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits!


  • Dimensions: 66cm x 75cm
  • UV stabilised Poly Propylene
  • Perfect for home garden indoor & outdoor wall decoration.
  • Great for growing vegetables & fruits such as herbs & strawberries 

Display your favourite plants with simplistic beauty. These vertical hanging planters are perfect for your patio, balcony or to bring your garden to life inside your home.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Hang the top of the Wall Planter on the wall or vertical plane using bolts, clips, or nails.
  2. Fill each bag using growing media, plants or seeds, water and fertilizer.
  3. Drip irrigation system, sprayer system, or hose can be used to water with the Wall Planter equipped with drainage holes to adequately
    drain excess water.
  4. The Wall Planter can be placed in direct sunlight, just be mindful of the particular plants recommended sun exposure.

Use light growing media such as cocopeat, burnt husk, perlite, vermiculite or others that contain a small
amount of soil. Choose plants that are lightweight with slow to moderate growth (best
to avoid vines).

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