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Star Pickets (Steel Posts) Light Grade
10 Pack, 1650mm

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Star Pickets (Steel Posts), 10 pack, 1650mm long, Minimum order of 10. Used for Heavy Duty Silt Fence Installation. Black bitumen coated.

What Are Star Pickets (Steel Posts)

Star Pickets (Steel Posts) are the metal fence post which is made of high quality low-carbon steel. Along the post, there are numbers of stubs for preventing the fencing wire sliding up and down. Commonly used for Heavy Duty Silt Fence and Safety Barrier Fences Installation.
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Buy Your Star Pickets from Aussie Environmental

When it comes to buying secure fencing for your property or worksite, you will likely want to buy something durable and strong that will do its intended job.

Our black bitumen coated star pickets are designed to offer security, durability and a pleasing, unintrusive aesthetic for your fences. Based in Yandina, Queensland, we’ve been supplying environmental and property management goods for people all across Australia. Our fencing supplies are made only with the highest quality materials and are designed to be easily installed and easily maintained. If you want to buy star pickets then look no further!

Features and Benefits of Our Star Pickets for Sale

Whilst good timber has its uses, low quality timber can splinter, crack, rot or be undermined by pests such as termites, whereas our pickets will not suffer such ill effects. The steel used in our star pickets are made with high-quality low carbon steel which is made to be flexible and durable enough to cope with the shifting earth over time.

And because low carbon is easier to produce, we pass along the cost savings to you, so you can buy more for less. When it comes to installation, star picket fences are super quick to install, all you will need is a post pounder and staple to attach your fencing to each post.

Our star pickets are designed to work best with our heavy duty silt or sediment fences. These are made to hold back moving sediment and silt as it travels during rainfall. The job of the pickets is to support the silt fences as they filtrate water and finer soil particles from the bulk of the silt. That means they have to be strong and durable. The fences these pickets are created to support include our high-quality UV stabilised silt/sediment fence materials and our eco-silt fences, made from biodegradable jute geotextiles.

Other products you may want when you buy star pickets include:

  • Industrial Hand Stapler

Generally, a great tool to have, this heavy-duty professional stapler will make the job of installing your pickets and fencing much quicker.

  • 6mm Heavy Duty Staples

Come in boxes of 1000

  • Safety Caps

These are very important if you are in a high use area and are mandatory for construction sites. Though every effort has been made to make the ends of our pickets safe, there is always the possibility of an accident. These bright yellow safety caps help to delineate the tops of the fence to keep passers-by safe from sharp edges and risk of injury.

Buy Your Star Pickets Online Now

If you are looking to buy star pickets in Australia this is the place. We specialise in erosion control products, ranging from sandbags, geofabric, jute mesh and more. We’re pleased to have been able to offer our products to businesses all across the country. If you’re after bulk quantities please do give us a call or ask for a free quote and we’ll be able to advise on how much you can expect to save. Call us now!
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