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Seedling Pots – Small (5cm High)
20 Pack

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Aussie Environmental’s biodegradable seedling pots are perfect size for young seedlings. Especially convenient for starting young plants that don’t necessarily like being transplanted, such as beans, squash, and corn. These seedling pots can be planted directly in the garden, leaving their roots undisturbed. AE biodegradable seedling pots are also likely to attract beneficial insects, like earthworms, while providing some protection from others.



  • 6cm Top Diameter x 3.5cm Bottom Diameter x 5cm Height
  • Great for heirloom vegetables
  • Avoid transplant shock
  • Great for home gardeners
  • Eco plant propagation
  • 100% natural product

Coir Seedling Pots are made from 100% biodegradable coconut fibre. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic pots which are ideal for home gardeners, nurseries & plant propagation. Young seedlings in coir pots can be planted straight into the ground avoiding transplant shock and promote good root distribution so young plants don’t become pot-bound.

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