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Rubber Filled Silt Socks
2 Metre

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Available in 1, 2, and 3 metre lengths, Heavy duty silt sock filled with recycled rubber, Reusable, Transportable, Able to be driven over.

What are Silt Socks

Silt socks (silt bags) are described as a geotextile tube being made of either a woven or non-woven type material, filled with gravel and used to filter sediment as it travels down stormwater gutters and drains. The gravel used to fill them should be 10mm – 20mm in size to allow easy flow of water through them, retaining the sediment behind it and await its disposal once the rain event has ended.

Advantages of Silt Socks

  • Installation does not require disturbing of soil surface, which in turn reduces erosion.
  • They are easily installed and removed.
  • Silt socks can be reused on other sites.
  • Can be installed on hard surfaces such as concrete and bitumen.

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