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Rubber Filled Silt Socks
1 Metre

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Rubber filled silt socks are a durable, cost effective, temporary solution to control water movement, minimise site wetness and reduce soil erosion. Silt socks slow the velocity of runoff flow and retain suspended sediment preventing particles into storm water systems protecting our natural waterways.

Available in 1, 2, and 3 metre lengths, Heavy duty silt sock are filled with recycled rubber, so they are able to be driven over. Handles allow for them to easy to move into position.


What are Silt Socks

Silt socks are described as a geotextile tube being made of either a woven or non-woven type material, filled with gravel and used to filter sediment as it travels down stormwater gutters and drains. The gravel used to fill them should be 10mm – 20mm in size to allow easy flow of water through them, retaining the sediment behind it and await its disposal once the rain event has ended.

Advantages of Silt Socks

  • Installation does not require disturbing of soil surface, which in turn reduces erosion.
  • They are easily installed and removed.
  • Silt socks can be reused on other sites.
  • Can be installed on hard surfaces such as concrete and bitumen.

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