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Root Barrier 600mm x 30m

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AE Root Barrier restricts unwanted and invasive root growth to pavements, roads, building foundations and buried installations.


  • Australian made
  • 1000um
  • Rippled surface helps retain roots
  • Holds mulch and prevents water run-off
  • Protects fences and walls

AE Root Guard is designed for the protection of sub surfaces including paved areas, foundations or water features and the foundations of building and roads.

Made from UV stabilised, black high density polyethylene. AE Root Barrier is specifically engineered to be an impermeable barrier that deflects roots away from the protected area.

What is the difference between Hessian and Jute? 

Jute & Hessian are both woven fabric from the Jute plant. The difference is in the quality of the cloth, being primarily one of fineness; with Hessian being made of finer grade Jute, and Jute, of coarser grade

How do I cut it?

With a sharp pair of scissors.

How long will it last?

It all depends on the application and the climatic conditions but it is a hard wearing material known to withstand harsh conditions. Hessian is biodegradable and designed for short term use.

How long does it take to ship me a roll?

We hold stock of all our products and can ship it out the same or next business day depending on what time you place your order.

Can I pick it up?

Of course. Our depot is at 19 Central Park Drive Yandina, QLD 4561.

I’m in regional Australia, how do I get it?

No problem. We ship Australia wide. Contact us for a free quote today.

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