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Jute Mesh – Roll
1.22m x 68m

$162.80 inc GST Per Roll

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Jute Mesh (Soil Saver) is available in a 1.22m x 68m roll, brick or by the bale 1.2m wide that covers approximately 82m2.  Jute Mesh is an organic mesh, similar to Jute Matting but constructed with a loose open weave. Jute Mesh is useful on embankments and batters that have an existing vegetation cover. Suitable for short term erosion protection with a life expectancy of 6 – 12 months depending on the climatic conditions.


  • 470gsm
  • 100% natural product & biodegradable
  • Great for mulch retention
  • Ideal for short term erosion protection to batters and open drains
  • Great for revegetation
  • Life span 6-12 months
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Jute Mesh (Soil Saver) is a biodegradable open weave erosion control mesh suitable for short term erosion protection to batters and open drains. Jute Mesh helps retain moisture and allows water and light infiltration to encourage vegetation growth.

Installation Guide

Installation Instructions

Jute Mesh is an effective way to prevent soil erosion on slopes and re-establish natural vegetation. The Jute Mesh is easy to install and is fully biodegradable. Apart from the usual maintenance required to sustain the vegetation, no further work is needed after the main installation.

1. Prepare the area to be treated to a smooth even grade. Remove all protruding rocks, root stumps, etc. and treat the soil to promote maximum plant growth. (Apply seed, fertilizer or hydromulch directly to soil prior to installing Jute Mesh).

2. Lay the Jute Mesh rolls in the direction of water flow. Adjoining rolls should be overlapped by a minimum of 100mm.

3. Jute Mesh should be overlapped away from prevailing wind and water flow direction.

4. A trench, no less than 200mm deep, should be dug around the whole area including bottom, sides and top of work area, this will protect the edges from being lifted during rain or flooding events. Backfill the trench and compact.

5. Depending on the steepness of the slope, Jute Mesh should be pinned with approximately 2 pins per m2, (i.e. the more pegs used, the more secure the matting will be) with particular attention being paid to side and end runs. Side and downhill joins should overlap by no less than 100mm with the top run overlapping.

6. As water velocities increase, Jute Mesh should be pinned at reduced centres.

7. Pin down the nettings as above using steel pegs to suit the site.

8. Maintain and water the site as required to promote the growth of vegetation.

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