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Jute Mat Squares – Large
(Pack of 50)

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Jute Mat Squares Large, 600mm x 600mm. Pre-slitted for planting, suppresses weed growth and increases moisture retention in the soil. Minimum order of 50. Secure with retaining pins in each corner.

Can also be used as a worm blanket to increase activity in your worm farm. Place it over the food scraps in the top working tray to create a dark, moist, aerated environment that compost worms thrive in.



  • Help suppress weed growth for healthy plant growth
  • Increase moisture retention in the soil
  • Higher density fibres for increased performance and life span 
  • Pre-slitted ready for planting

What are Jute Mat Squares

Jute Mat Squares are made of Jute, Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. This jute is spun into square shape mats and pre splitted for planting.

Uses of Jute Mat

  • Jute mat squares are used under plants to suppress weed growth.
  • Jute mat squares help in healthy growth of plants.
  • Jute mat squares increases moisture retention in the soil.

Sizes Available

Jute mat squares are available in different sizes, Aussie Environmental provides two sizes

  • Large Jute Mat Squares, 600mm x 600mm size
  • Small Mat Squares,  370mm x 370mm size

Why Us

Aussie Environmental produce and supply Jute mat squares with high quality, long lasting jute, at the best price. Aussie Environmental supplies its products Australia wide. 

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