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Geofabric – 4m x 50m
Class A, 140gsm

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AE Geofabric is a tough synthetic geotextile, ideal for use in drainage, filtration, separation, protection and more.Ā Primarily used by civil contractors, plumbers and landscapers, it is a durable and cheap engineering solution for the management and prevention of soil erosion and moisture loss. AE Geofabric is available in various grades and roll sizes.

  • Roll size 4m x 50m
  • Class A, 140gsm.
  • Grey Colour. Better suited to blend into its environment.
  • Tough & durable.
  • Filtration layer for drainage & retaining walls.Ā 
  • Wrapping ag-pipe to prevent blockage.

What Is Geofabric?

Geofabric is a permeable geotextile fabric made from durable polyester fibres. Commonly used for civil engineering applications including roads, embankments, plumbing & landscaping drainage and filtration applications.

Functions of Geofabric

Filtration:Ā To restrict the migration of fine soil particles from a soil mass while remaining permeable to water movement at a rate at least equivalent to the permeability of the retained soil.

Drainage:Ā To allow water to flow through or within the plane of the geotextile, allowing the dissipation of pore water pressure.

Separation:Ā To separate and prevent two distinct soils or different materials from intermixing, thereby maintaining the performance of the individual materials.

Protection:Ā To prevent damage to thin plastic liners used in landfills, by limiting deformation and puncturing potential.

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