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Weighted Containment Boom
3m L x 90mm H
(Portable Floor Bunding)

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Weighted Containment Booms are Ideal for short term liquid containment (portable floor bunding) in the event of a spill.

Size: 3m L x 90mm H x 150mm W, 22kg

Comes with a cuffed end allowing you to join multiple booms together for extended coverage.


  • Gel filled PCV Insert which is contained in a tough geo-textile material
  • Easy use handles for safe handling
  • Ideal for  short term liquid containment (floor bunding)
  • Cuffed end allowing multiple booms to be joined together 

In the event of a spill Weighted Containment Booms can be easily shaped around drains or directly around the source to contain a liquid or spill. Featuring a gel filled PVC insert contained in a tough geo-textile material for a readily seal on ground surfaces.

Weighted containment booms have a cuffed end allowing for multiple booms to be joined together for extended coverage.

Weighted containment booms come with easy use handles for safe handling. Ideal for short term spill containment (portable floor bunding).

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