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Coir Totem Plant Poles
60x7cm Plant Support

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Size: 60cm x 7cm

Natural Colour


  • High moisture retention coir fibre
  • Great plant support for climbing plant
  • Strong PVC piping 
  • Plant roots can grip to organic fibres
  • Great for home garden projects

Coir totem plant pole (Grow Pole) are a coir based substrate for attaching and a large variety of climbing plants. Coir totem plant poles are a great addition for any DIY home garden project or horticulture enthusiast. These new products are constructed using coir fibre with an outer coir netting. The inner core is made from PVC tubing for long term strength and stability.

Coir fibre has high moisture retention capacity which enables the roots of the plant to grip into the natural organic fibre and not just on the side as opposed to using a wooden pole.

Ideal plant totems for philodendron, pothos and monstera deliciosa (cheese plant) range of plants.

For best results fully immerse your Grow Poles into a solution of Seasol and water for approximately 2-3 hours. This will re-hydrate the coir fibres and also makes the fibre easier to work with when attaching your plants.

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