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Absorbent Spill Mat – Oil & Fuel
Reusable, 2 Pads Included

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Includes 2x replaceable pads – 1 standard inside the mat + 1 additional replacement pad.  Contains hydrophobic absorbent material for better absorption of oil and fuel, size = 1m x 1m flat.


  • Includes 1 additional replacement pad (2 pads total)
  • Dimensions: 1m x 1m
  • Carry handle, can also be used to hang spill mat
  • Eyelets to peg the mat into position
  • Velcro closure
  • Top Layer: Knitted HDPE mesh with 10 year UV resistance
  • Middle Layer: Replaceable 400gsm hydrophobic polypropylene absorbent
  • Base Layer: Heavy-duty 610gsm PVC

The reusable absorbent spill mat is a convenient and portable way to capture drips, minor spills and leaks.

The base is made from an impermeable heavy duty (610gsm) PVC material to capture contaminants. The mat comes provided with a reusable pad, which can be easily replaced once the used absorbent is saturated. The spill mat is weighted with chain on both sides to keep it from moving once deployed.

Velcro tabs are attached at each end of the spill mat making it easy to roll up and store away.

Applications include:

  • Refuelling and coupling stations
  • Hydraulic hose bleeding
  • Vehicle and equipment servicing

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