Hanging Wall Baskets

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Our vertical wall baskets can brighten up even the smallest and barest outdoor space. They’re great for adding colour and interest to yards, terraces and verandas, and are an extremely useful addition to any sort of outdoor space, from tiny balconies to large gardens.
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Use Hanging Wall Baskets to Create a Feature Wall

All you need is a little thought and careful planning to really transform an outside space with the addition of wall hanging baskets. You can easily create a stunning feature that will look great over a long period.

Benefits of Vertical Wall Gardens

Buy our hanging wall baskets online to create a living wall that will deliver many benefits that will include:

increased oxygen levels and a reduction in nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter so you have improved air quality and better general health

insulation on outside walls that will absorb exterior heat as well as sound vibrations; this can make the interior of your property cooler in summer as well as quieter so that comfort levels are increased, and energy bills are reduced

living walls can attract butterflies and bees, increasing the biodiversity of your property

plants absorb carbon dioxide and so, the more plants you have, the bigger your contribution to improving and protecting the natural environment.

Simple to Install, Use and Care for

Our wall planters come in a variety of sizes and capacities, so you can select the type you need to fit in your available space. The various widths and lengths can be easily combined to cover a complete wall or any size or shape of area. Installation is simple by fixing the planter to any structure using nails, bolts or clips so no great skill is necessary.

Once the wall planters are installed, simply fill the pockets with a suitable growing medium, add plants and feed to each one, then keep watered to encourage growth. The planters will soon be covered by vegetation and will no longer be visible.

The secret to a successful living wall is to choose the most suitable plants. Avoid any that will grow too tall and focus instead on those that trail, creep or climb and also include low growing species for variety. The aim is for the plants to cover the whole area and to provide a mixture of colour over a long period. Go for plants that flower for a long time, at different times or that have a variety of leaf colours or are variegated for interest.

A Wide Range of Hanging Wall Baskets

All our orchid baskets and hanging wall planters can be placed in any suitable position, whether full sun or shade since they’re UV resistant and can withstand extreme weather. You therefore simply need to pick the plants that are appropriate for the position to ensure they thrive. You can easily fit an irrigation system to keep the plants adequately watered and all planters have drainage holes to ensure the soil doesn’t become too saturated. At the end of each growing season, when the plants and growing medium are cleared out, the planters are easily cleaned to prepare for the next batch.

Transform any bare wall or fence with our vertical wall baskets and you can quickly and easily create a riot of colour and an area of interest over a long period. Best of all, there’s virtually no maintenance other than regular watering so your garden or yard can be an attractive place to relax.
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