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If you have issues with soil erosion or stability, you may benefit from our range of geofabrics. They are porous, permeable material made from highly durable polyester fibres resistant to rot which help ground layers with drainage and soil stability. Geofabric rolls, also known as bidim, are one of the best ways of maintaining soil stability at risk from groundwater and provide an effective solution to drainage without undermining the ground.
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Do You Need Geofabric for Your Land?

As a leading supplier of geofabric from Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we’re pleased to offer this important solution to soil erosion to a diverse range of businesses and individuals all across Australia. We’ve provided our exceptional products and exceptional service to builders, property managers, private residences, landscapers and road maintenance teams throughout the country. With an expert understanding of environmental compliance and land management, our geotextiles are just the fix you may need!

The Benefits of Our Geotextile Fabric

Our geo fabric is designed for durability. As a polyester-based material, it is popular with those who need robust and long-lasting drainage without having to spend every year to have it replaced.

The main uses of this textile are:

  • Filtration – Keeping the water flowing through the soil without losing mass. Soil particles can move and migrate or be lost as groundwater or runoff moves through the earth and this can undermine the capacity of the soil. Furthermore, our fabrics protect drains from clogs or blocks.
  • Drainage – Our geofabrics act as drains in themselves. They are especially useful in directing water flow to further drainage systems or water collection works allowing the dissipation of pore water pressure which can damage engineering structures.
  • Separation – Prevent two different materials or soils from intermixing. This is important for engineering structures that require certain types of earth or soil. For those who work in road building, for instance, require the ground structure to maintain the performance of its individual materials.
  • Protection – Our materials are used in conjunction with other membranes to keep destructive elements and pollutants from entering into water supplies or areas that require protection. For this reason, they are often used in landfills, dams or ponds, in conjunction with waterproof materials. They can protect other materials from puncture or damage and aid reinforcement of the surrounding soil structure.

Regardless of what application you will be using our fabric for, we offer a brilliant range of material and service options for you to choose from. These include:

  • Size – choose from 1m x 50m, 2m x 50m or 4m x 50m, or give us a call for bespoke options
  • Quantity – we offer various discounts on larger quantities and delivery options
  • Shipping costs – we have an integrated shipping calculator online so you can see how much you can expect to pay for delivery, though we do offer bulk discounts so give us a call!

Get in Touch and Order Now

Our team are experts in their fields and we’re always keen to help out businesses and individuals from all kinds of backgrounds, so please do call us if you have a project in mind. We’ll be able to advise you on what size will work best, even advice on how to install. You can contact us by telephone, our online messaging service or via email – alternatively, just go through our simple ordering process or request a quote today!
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