Coco Coir Blanket Rolls

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Coir mat is made from harvested coir fibre that’s obtained from the outer shell of fully ripened coconuts. It is, therefore, an abundant and renewable source that has no harmful effects on the environment.
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Coco Fiber Roll — a Natural, Flexible and Practical Solution

The coconut husk fibre is woven into a coir blanket that is extremely durable, has multiple uses and is completely environmentally friendly. It’s supplied as a coir blanket roll that is available in various lengths, widths, thicknesses, and densities that are suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Benefits and Uses of Coco Fiber Roll in Queensland

Being considerably stronger than equivalent jute versions, coir matting will last much longer — at least two years and possibly up to five years depending on the harshness of the environment where it’s installed. This ensures it lasts long enough to serve its original purpose and, after that, it gradually biodegrades and provides nourishment for plants and the ecosystem.

Coir is unpalatable for wildlife and so is unaffected by pests. It protects seeds and new plants, prevents soil from being washed away by heavy rain or flowing water, absorbs and retains water, and reduces evaporation as well as providing good drainage.

The many attributes of coir matting, its availability in different sizes and weights, and the fact it can be easily cut to the required size and shape makes it a great choice for many applications. These include:

  • as a liner for planters and window boxes

  • as a mulch mat for gardeners

  • in civil engineering and landscaping projects, to provide a suitable environment for revegetation

  • to prevent soil erosion, especially on steep slopes or in areas where water flow rates are high or there is excessive rainfall.

For landscaping and stabilisation projects, coir matting is simple to install, even on steep slopes. You need only:

  • clear large debris that prevents contact with the soil

  • dig a trench at the top and pin the blanket into it before backfilling with soil

  • roll the blanket evenly down the slope and pin it in place

  • ensure sufficient overlap and pinning when multiple rolls are used.

Any planting schemes will require sufficient soil below the mat and the addition of seed into the soil or plants inserted through slits in the mat. Sufficient irrigation will be necessary until the plants become established.

Everything you need for a Successful Scheme

Our mats are available in different widths and lengths so you can choose the most suitable for your site.

In addition to the matting, we supply a variety of pins to ensure the mat is secure even under extreme conditions and for different types of soil. You only need a rubber mallet to put in the pins. After that, it’s straightforward.

Soil erosion can become a big problem and be very costly if it is not addressed. By using coir matting or coir logs, you can save on time and money by protecting the area in question. So, whether it’s a large scale landscaping project or a simple planting scheme, coir matting is the natural solution.
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